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LED Christmas Bluetooth String Light

LED Christmas Bluetooth String Light

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Symphony of Lights: LED Christmas Bluetooth Delights

💙Elevate your christmas holiday ambiance with built-in Bluetooth technology, allowing you to synchronize your favorite tunes and create a magical, musical light show.

💙 Personalize your festive decor with a spectrum of vibrant LED colors that can be adjusted to match your desired christmas holiday theme, from classic warm white to a rainbow of hues.

💙 Easily manage your lighting experience through a smartphone app, giving you the power to customize colors, lighting patterns, and music from the palm of your hand.

Enchanting Your Christmas Tree: A Symphony of Light and Music


Introduction of Remote Buttons


Input Voltage: DC5V

Output power: 0.1W/LEDs


Length: 2m/5m/10m/15m/20m

LED Chip: WS2812B IC

Long Life: >50000Hours

Working Temperature: -20 ~ 50 °C

Waterproof Level: IP68 Waterproof

2M: 10cm Spacing-20led

5M: 10cm Spacing-50led

10M: 10cm Spacing-100led

15M: 10cm Spacing-150ed

20M: 10cm Spacing-200led

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